Core Values

We live, operate, and function under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We are led by the Holy Spirit and believe God's Word to be the final authority. For New Life Christian Church International to be an effective ministry, we hold the following as our CORE VALUES.

Unity: All areas of ministry at New Life Christian Church International are established in teams, and are relationally connected. Therefore, everyone is expected to function in one accord, with single mindedness, and in agreement by love, honesty, respect, careful listening and a desire to build one another up.

Excellence: We believe there is responsibility, accountability and discipline to fulfill God's will and direction. This requires us to submit to His Lordship and leadership, responding in obedience and honesty, giving our best at all times.

Prayer: To achieve intimacy and revelation, there must be two-way conversation between God and His people. Partners commit to communicating with God through prayer and depend on His leading. Team Leaders commit to praying for each of their team members, by name, daily.

Worship: Expressing our love and obedience to God through tithes, offerings, song, dance, drama and lifestyle is an integral part of the Christian walk.

Evangelism: The Great Commission makes it clear that our responsibility is to reach the lost. We believe that we will accomplish this by sharing the love of Jesus through prayer, testimony, God's Word, and the ministry of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Discipleship: New Life Christian Church International is an equipping church. Our focus is on revelation and transformation through coaching, teaching, training and mentoring, which are vital to preparing functional Christians for ministry and bringing God glory.

Leadership: Leadership is based on spiritual gifts, proven character and a recognized call to lead a ministry that leads to the transformation of lives.

Church Government: Oversight of the church is established according to leadership gifts, divine call and appointment. All persons called to positions of oversight will imitate Christ's style of leadership, which He taught to His disciples in Matthew 20:25-28.

Decision Making: All decision making at New Life Christian Church International is to be done in context, first, to God's Word, the Bible, and, second, to God's revealed call on the New Life covenant partners, the Vision statement. All other considerations (i.e. our preferences, comfort, relationships, human reason, etc.) will be made secondary to these expressions of God's will.

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